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After 16 years, Underwater Logging will no longer be retrieving logs from the Arrow Lakes. Instead we will focus more in our capacity as consultants in this unique industry. We will also be working hard in the development of the next generation of our under-water saw.

We would like to acknowledge: Celgar (now Zellstoff Celgar), Pope and Talbot (now Interfore), Fortis, B.C. Hydro, B.C Forestry, B.C. Coast Guard, Columbia Basin and Trust, and the City of Castlegar, for their untimely support of our business.

Underwater Logging Ltd. has been in business since 1994 and is unique because of its use of specific technology to retrieve and harvest trees thought to be lost forever under the water. Floating the logs in the large rivers and lakes was one of the most feasible methods of transporting the massive saw logs from the bush to the lumber mills. Along the way many logs became waterlogged and sank to the bottom of the bodies of water. After many years of log drives, large quantities of wood have accumulated in certain areas.

With the low oxygen and light levels, decomposition is greatly reduced. This allows the sunken logs, which may have submerged hundreds of years ago, to be preserved to this day.

UWL is owned and operated by Frank and Theresa Marks in Castlegar B.C. along with Andy Mayr in Calgary Alberta. UWL has engaged in the retrieval of logs and in the harvesting of submerged forests still standing. Using sonar equipment to locate the sunken logs, Frank, Theresa, and their crew work on and in the waters of the Arrow lakes, from Nakusp to the Keenleyside dam.

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